When assessing whether you should invest in that costly new grass seed for your front or back lawn project, ask yourself a few crucial questions that other brave souls before you already have, before making the investment:

  • Can I get a better quality of grass for paying more?
  • Is this more expensive grass healthier for the soil, and, actually, healthier for the larger environment as a result?
  • Will the grass last longer in the end, and offer me more for my initial investment, proving an ROI well worth it?

Higher cost, better quality?

Scotts® has put a tremendous amount of research into developing and selecting new grass varieties. These new varieties have been developed to be finer textured, greener, and more tolerant of shade, drought, or punishing sun. Scotts

One should also consider that these particular seeds are anything but ordinary: In fact, they can store for longer periods when in their dried form as well, good for months to follow when needed once more. Not only that, but they’re known to grow and spread quite rapidly. And germination poses little to no issues either. This seed grows into a powerful form of grass when fully developed, one that will yield well for years down the road. You reap, you sow.

Better for the environment?

The harvesting techniques will most likely vary from provider to provider, but, however, the seed itself will usually remain quite the same in most respects. Healthier, stronger and less tampered or chemically altered seedlings will always yield more organic, breathable grass for both the soil around them and the general environment. That has always been the case. But, of course, less fertilized and chemically processed will often, but not always, mean more expensive and more difficult to find. Yet several private harvesters offer great rates.

Better in the long haul?

Since it costs more upfront, will it last longer in the long scheme of things? This is certainly the case most of the time, friend. Remember that you’re investing in rich, quality grass that’s good for a lifetime. Cheaper variations, like the common Contractor’s Blend, are also available but may not show longer-lasting grass within the same time span. But it all depends on the groundwork laid out before planting, as well, so don’t forget this crucial aspect as it can mean the life or death of your new grass. First clear out old roots, stones or dead grass.

Final Thoughts

Invest in some grass seed, and see what it can do for you. If you’re patient and responsible, you may see quite a harvest of rich, new grass in due time. But the secret is to go slowly and never give up until you see results, as is the secret to all good things in life. Persevere!

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