The black sclera contact is a totally awesome item that will black out your eyes and make you look like a monster. They are often used in Hollywood movies as an inexpensive way to create a scary look. However, they are often outside the limit of the average person’s pocketbook for a variety of reasons.

Why are these contact lenses so expensive? There are several different reasons that they remain pricey. We’ll take a look at the three most important to give you a glimpse into these high-quality items. While you will have to save up a bit to afford them, if you want to scare the pants off your dad this Halloween, there’s no better way.

1. The Material is Not Cheap

These contact lenses are made out of what is known as a hydrogel material. This material is designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. That’s because these contact lenses will cover more of your eye and have a higher possibility of causing irritation and other concerns, such as red-eye or even the possibility of blocking oxygen flow to your eye. Trust us when we say that this is definitely a bad thing.

As a result, they must be made out of material that is comfortable and which allows your eye to breathe a little more smoothly. This material is not cheap and adds quite a bit to the cost of these lenses. The process of turning them black is also not inexpensive. As a result, you have a contact lens that costs you more than you might be anticipating. But hey, it’s worth it for that shocking monster look!

2. Keeping the Center Transparent

Another reason that the cost of these lenses is so high is the need to create a transparent center. While the blackness of the lens is total, the center will be transparent to allow you to see. As a result, contact lens specialists need to take the time to add that extra bit of material.

They do this by fitting the lens on your eye and seeing where your pupil is located. Then, they make sure that you can see through it. All of this extra work adds cost to their production and takes a little bit more money out of your wallet or purse.

3. Scleral Contacts Can Be Used for Medical Purposes

The original development of these contact lenses wasn’t simply to annoy or frighten your parents and neighbors, though they are still fun for that purpose. They were designed as an alternate contact lens for people who couldn’t wear those types. For example, they are designed for people with :

  • Irregular astigmatism
  • Keratoconus
  • Smaller than normal eyes
  • Errors due to LASIK surgery
  • Vision problems beyond standard contact power

This medical design is part of why they remain an expensive option for many people. They have been tweaked and adjusted in a variety of ways to make them useful for individuals with varying degrees of vision damage. As a result, specific preparation methods are necessary for designing and crafting these contacts. These methods increase the cost a bit.

Finding These Contact Lenses

These days, a growing number of people are seeking out these contact lenses and trying to use them for either decorative or medicine purposes. If you want to black out your eyes and create a startling look, there is no better way to do that. These contact lenses are a great Halloween item because they can last for years and give you a nearly automatic disguise. That makes their high price more than worth it for weirdos like us who want to look crazy and wild on the year’s spookiest night!