Hobbies are the very stuff of life. Nothing says fun more than an opportunity to spend hours thinking about something fun and bringing it to life. Such is the case with people who love the oceans. Many people love the oceans so much they want to bring them right into their very own living rooms. The ocean's pretty big and it's not going to fit. So many people do the next best thing: they create an aquarium. And what better to put in an aquarium than coral? Sure fish are lovely. But they need a place to swim. They also need a place to hid. Coral serves both purposes.

Impress Your Friends -- And The Fish! 

When you create an aquarium you generally want to do two things: you want to make yourself happy and you want to make the things you put in the aquarium happy. This is why the Bounce Mushroom coral is so valued. People who love coral love this one because: 

  • It's very large 
  • It is very beautiful 
  • It's easy to care for 

The Bounce Mushroom Coral

The Bounce Mushroom coral is coral done right.

Coral is a living creature. Found in warm waters all over the world, they've long been a favorite for those who head down below. Very few things are more inspiring than heading down a stretch of water at ten feel below and seeing a coral reef. As long as the reef is not dotted with sharks and dangerous fish, coral is generally a safe space for human beings. One of the most amazing things about coral is just how easy it is to bring it home. Not only can coral be grown in the sea. It can also be grown at home. Some of the most spectacular specimens in the world are available for purchase. This is the case with the bounce mushroom coral. 

Large Coral

Some species of coral are really tiny. Not so the bounce mushroom. And that's the glory of it. Who wants tiny coral you can barely see? You want large coral. You want coral that can be seen the second someone walks in the room. You want coral that sets the stage and keeps people's attention. This is one of many reasons we think people are rushing to add this coral to their collection. 

Intense Beauty

Another reason we're sure the bounce mushroom coral gets lots of attention and admiration is because they are really and truly beautiful. One of the most joyous things about a trip underwater is the chance to see lots of intense colors. Corals come in just as many colors as the fish that surround them. Veins of florescent color make the bounce mushroom coral come alive. People can see lovely shades of deeply wondrous hues as they stare at these almost unreal specimens. Bounce mushroom corals are noteworthy for the coral's almost surreal parade of shades. 

No Muss No Fuss

Not only are these corals lovely to look at and often really large, they're also an easy care item. This may sound surprising but these corals require very little care. Even if your only exposure to fish care is the occasional visit to your local aquarium, you can take these home. Set them down in your home and watch them bloom. It's no wonder they're so popular with those who love fish and the deep blue sea.