Everyone loves a fun game of skill. Very few things in life are more delightful than a few glasses of beer, some snacks and a good game. Some people really enjoy games of chance like Monopoly. Others prefer their games fast and short. For those who want to show off their hand eye coordination, very few things are more delightful than a few rounds of darts.

It all starts with tungsten.

If you really want to show off, you'll want the best possible darts on the market. For that, you want the Elysian dart. Elysian darts are the world's best darts. They are also, unsurprisingly, the world's most expensive darts. 

The Base

The world's best darts are made of tungsten. One of the world's hardest substances, tungsten is a must for the dart aficionado. Darts can weigh up to twenty-three grams when made of tungsten. From this metal comes a work of art. Those at Elysian take a bullet of the metal. For an hour, a machine carefully works on a single dart. This is necessary to create a grip. What's the point of throwing darts if they don't feel good in your hands? You might as well throw feathers or potatoes. Grip is a crucial part of the art of the throw. The dart has to leave your hands with confidence. You need to know you can hold it even when you've got layers of beer sweat. 

Other Qualities of the World's Most Expensive Darts

  • A double coated barrel 
  • A Saggital grip
  • A steel tip

Two Coats 

Most darts have a single coat. That's fine if you're willing to settle for something ordinary. If you want more, the double coat is your best bet. A double coat means twice the gripping power and an easier and far better grasp. The Elysium has two coats: Titanium Dioxide, and Titanium Nitride. Not only does it look really, really good. It also reduces the possibility you might hit your the wall as you throw -- or your Aunt Sally. Avoiding the possibility of injuring a family member is surely at the very top of any dart lover's wish list. 

The Saggital Grip

As the immortal catchphrase says, wait. There's more. A lot more. There's also a Saggital grip. The word Saggital comes from Latin for arrow. And these are some arrows. Every single one has sixty separate rounded, precisely ground arrow-head elements. Each one has been carefully machined onto a finely cut micro-cut base around the dart. This allows all players to get the grip they want. That's from the rear of the barrel of it. 

The Front of the Dart

For a more confident grip, the front of the dart offers the ability to create a truly confident throw. There's a V-Stream cut. That's about 300 completely fine individually machined fins. Each one is firmly set at a full 36 degrees to a group of useful 10 axial channels. This makes it even easier than ever to aim for the center of the dart board and get there every single time. 

The Tip

All this power comes to a point at the end. The precise tip of the dart is milled at the end. Milling makes it easy to aim the very end of the dart by allowing for an even more confident hold. For the power dart player, this is the way to go.