Up your game with a paddle that understands who you are.

Ping pong. Two words to describe one of the world's most amusing games. Ping pong is a lot of fun to watch. Stand back and let some of the people with the world's best hand eye coordination go through their moves right in front of you. Even if you're not an Olympics caliber player yourself, you can still have fun. A great game of ping pong is a chance for some fabulous exercise and an opportunity to show off your personal athletic skills at the same time. If you're going to do the game really right, you want only the best. You want a killer ping pong paddle. You want the Stylo7 SVR Limited Edition Paddle

  • Fast 
  • Light 
  • High performance

Fast and Furious 

Ping pong is a game of fast fury. The ball goes back and forth and back and forth again. You want a paddle that can respond to your every move. You want a paddle that lets you concentrate on finding the ball rather than remembering where you put your feet. This is why experts and game lovers alike covet the Stylo7 SVR. They want a paddle that can keep up with them. A paddle like this lets you catch the ball and catch it as fast as it comes at you. This paddle knows where you're going and brings you there quickly. 

Really Light

People also love the Stylo because it's incredibly light. With a wood base, it still has the heft you need to show you've still got that perfect form even ten years after college. The ping pong paddle has seven layers of carbon fiber. Carbon feels great in the hands. Carbon fiber is like the best friend you never knew you wanted. When you put this paddle in your hands, you get power but you also get ballerina lightness at the same time. You can whirl, twirl and catch that ball even when it's practically a foot above your head. You have the ping pong paddle that is like having a third hand.

High Performance 

Expert players and even not so expert players know that the paddle is where the action is. This is why they love how the Stylo understands the game almost as much as they do. The handle and the surface of the paddle act as one and the same. This is a tournament quality item. You can hit the local gym or just your backyard gathering with a great sense of confidence knowing you have the paddle you want at your every beck and call. The careful flare of the handle has been specially designed to fit in anyone's hand and help them relax. The Nitrx 4Z rubber surface provides just enough grip without getting tacky. If you're heading out, don't worry. Bring it with you. The Stylo comes with an equally stylish carrying case. It's lined and portable. There's a molded interior that fits it like a glove. So stride with confidence the next time someone challenges you to a killer game of ping pong anywhere. You've got this. You've got the killer racket and you'll use it to demolish any and all comers.