Smart home systems are more than a trend. They are part of life. The next level smart gadget is smart locks. The best part is that you can access them from around the world to let pet sitters in and ensure unwanted people stay out.

What is a smart lock?

Smart locks replace things like bolt locks and less-than-secure key locking mechanism. They are keyless and can connect to WiFi.  Because of its network capability, Google Assistant is accessible in new and exciting ways.

Benefits of a Smart Lock

A smart lock is not only useful to lock and unlock as you come and go, but it also levels up security home security systems.

  • Security at the touch of a button
  • Voice-activated
  • Compatible with other home automation (Google Home, Amazon Alexa)
  • Avoiding lost keys or a stolen stashed spare key
  • Lessens chance of home invasion
  • The ability to change access control to remove permission from unwanted people
  • Access restriction timeliness

Potential Pros and Cons to Consider


One of the obvious perks of smart locks is that you can access door locks from vacation and let someone who is checking on your home or pets inside without them having to have a key. But, you can also change the code if you need to withdraw access or suspect someone has the access code.

It is super convenient to touch a button when you want to go in and out of your home. The no key-fumble moments make smart locks worth the investment.

A smart lock’s network connections add a level of must-haveness because it connects to Goggle Assistant and locks the doors. It is as easy as saying it out loud and “making it so.”


Deadbolt locks and sliding plates not the most attractive accessory on doors. However, with smart locks, entryways gain a sense of modern and visual appeal.

The tech-savvy gadgets come in a variety of colors and finishes:

  • Gold
  • Black Matte
  • Silver
  • Chrome
  • A rainbow of color schemes

A Thing or Two to Think About

You have to be comfortable with technology to benefit from smart locks. No one wants to invest in a home security product without knowing how to use it correctly.

Also, smart locks are tamper-resistant, but they are not tamperproof. Hackers learn every day how to gain access to wirelessly connected devices. A smart lock is not “invisible.”

WiFi goes down. It is part of life. Sometimes because of flickering electricity, sometimes just because of Internet connection drops. It will cause issues when trying to gain entry, and in these instances, physical keys do not rely on technology.

3 Options — Smart Locks That Work With Google Home

The options for smart locks sometimes seem overwhelming. New brands and types come onto the market every day. Let us breakdown the top three, so you can decide which works best for you.

  1. CANDY HOUSE Sesame Smart Lock with Google Home 

The Sesame Smart Lock from Candy House sits atop an existing single turn deadbolt. It means there is no need to remove the traditional mechanisms to install this one — no tools!

Features include:

  • Shared access to remotely lock and unlock doors — It means no keys under the mat while giving family and friends permission.
  • History log — You know who is coming and going. For example, when the kids get home from school and if they go outside before doing their homework, you will know.

Auto-locking and unlocking — You will never have to worry if you remembered to turn the lock, again.

 2. Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect Smart Lock 

Nest x Yale’s Smart Lock is not only compatible with Google Home, but it also works with Nest products, too. Everyone’s home automation is different or changes depending on needs. Either way, it is an awesome added layer to any security system.

Features include:

  • Tamperproof and Secure — It replaces a deadbolt lock, and it sets off an alert if someone attempts to disengage it.
  • Backup Battery — If the power goes off, it has a backup 9-volt battery.
  • Shared access to remotely lock and unlock doors — Give family and friends their own unique codes and log their comings and goings.
  • Touchscreen Keypad — A smart device is not the only way to gain an entryway. The Next x Yale has a keypad for passcodes

3. August Home Smart Lock — Silver

August Home’s Smart Lock works in homes that are cross-platforms. Its Google Home ability is top of the line, and the newest home security device is stylish.

Features include:

  • Access from Anywhere — Lock and unlock your door, control keyless access, and keep a log of who comes and goes from just your phone.
  • Works with Traditional Locks — The smart lock attaches to an already existing tumbler.
  • Easy installation — All you need is a screwdriver, and in ten minutes, it is ready set go.

Smart locks are an excellent option if you’re looking to try something new with your home security. They’re secure, customizable, convenient, and sleek. Enticing as they may be, smart locks aren’t perfect. Though smart locks are an effective tool, they aren’t necessarily safer than the classic lock-and-key combo. To best protect your home, use smart locks in conjunction with other security features.

Everyone is different, every home’s needs vary, and the market is full of choices that are hard to narrow down. But, the top three options are at least a start when finding the smart locks that work with Google Home.