Are you looking for the kind of sports cleat that will provide you with years of value? The Hypervenom Phantom III might be that cleat for you, as it is currently the most expensive on the market today. So what’s the big deal about it?

A Look at the Hypervenom Phantom III

What makes it so special? This new edition has a full Flyknit upper, Flywire on the side of the upper as well as texture, PORON foam pods, hybrid studs on the medial side, and chevron studs on the lateral side. There’s not much luxury equipment that will be as much of an investment for your game as these will be. Nike

This cleat is made by Nike and is currently the most expensive cleat on the market today. They cost about $350 in their initial run and are likely to fetch even more cash due to their limited nature. That’s right; Nike is a bunch of wise guys who only produced 3,000 pairs of these high-quality shoes. As a result, you might see them for even more on the second-hand market.

While they are designed primarily for soccer, they can be used in a variety of different events. If you are interested in purchasing them, you should know whether or not they are worth your money.

Are They Worth It?

Cleats like these are designed to provide you with the ability to change direction on the field quickly and easily, in multiple weather conditions. The Hypervenom uses a variety of strong materials that make it sturdy and reliable.

While we’re not sure what PORON foam is, we have found that it provides a stronger cleat material than that found in turf shoes and other competing items. That said, $350-500 is still a lot of money, but people are actually buying these shoes rather quickly.

Who Wears Them?

While it might seem insane to spend nearly $400 on a pair of shoes, some of the world’s best soccer players don’t agree with you. Infamous Indonesian player Irfan Bachdim from Bali United has been seen rocking these shoes on the field. He is the second player after Gonzalo Higuain to try out these cleats.

They have worn multiple colors of the show, including the Electric Green and Hyper Orange varieties. These types can fit on the feet of a broad array of people. If you’re looking to be a fashion-conscious soccer or football player, these shoes might be right for you. Just make sure you save up a bit to afford them. How can you save up to buy these cleats? You could:

  1. Take a second job delivering newspapers
  2. Cash out your 401K
  3. Quit using the thickest toilet paper
  4. Stop drinking so much pop/coffee/beer every day
  5. Put your change in a jar at the end of the day

Are They Right For You?

While we have definitely covered more expensive items on this site before, these shoes are still a pretty hefty investment. The average player is likely to run miles on the field during every game and put a lot of wear-and-tear on their cleats. We’ve seen some players go through six or seven pairs of shoes in an average season.

Will these cleats last longer than the average pair? If Nike is to be believed, they should last you for at least several years. If you spend up to $100 or more on cleats every year, then you have to try out these cleats. You might find that they are the easiest way for you to save money and compete at the same time.