O Canada. As the song says, Canada is Canada. Home to millions of people who like to play hockey, drizzle fries in cheese curds and gravy, and be really, really polite, Canada is one of the world's most happening places. It's also home to Toronto. Noteworthy as the place people go when they find Montreal too French or Ontario too Ontario-ish, Toronto is a large city somewhere in Canada. While not nearly as clean as Calgary, Toronto has great pleasures including miles of snow during the winter and high housing prices. The most expensive expensive condo ever sold in Toronto is surprisingly expensive. Even expensive by world standards. Now you may be thinking exactly how expensive but we mean lots of money. 

The condo has some amazing things like:

  1. A penthouse 
  2. Lots and lots and lots of room 
  3. Major Views 
  4. Enough services to satisfy even the most demanding newly rich basketball player 

Megaviews and Entire Floors

One of the most amazing things about this condo is the view. The owner can see clear across much the local area. All of Toronto is laid out for them right there whenever they want it. Day and night -- it's all there all the time. A home on the 55th floor means they can look down their noses on every single other floor. Imagine the shame of only living on 22nd floor. How horrifying! No problem here. Every single other floor on the condo is completely below the owner. 

A Penthouse

The condo is a penthouse. This means the buyer has the entire top of the building to themselves. But it's not just any penthouse. It's a hotel penthouse. While everyone else has to settle for small rooms that don't allow them to sprawl across acres of glass and concrete, not so this owner. The condo is huge. Over nine thousand feet huge. Room enough for the owner's kids, dog, chickens and maybe even a third cousin or two. Room to partay! 

Superior Service

This condo is located in a hotel. Not some ordinary, boring suburban development but an actual hotel. The owner can get their every single whim met. Want chicken and waffles at two in the morning? No problem! Need to arrange first class tickets for the dog as the owner heads to Melbourne? Staffers can handle it. They get their very own nearly seven hundred foot condo. While it's not as swanky as the owner's space, it does have the advantage of being nearby and in Central Toronto at the same time. The owner even gets access to all hotel amenities including an onsite gym, fabulous restaurants and the chance to interact with guests from all over the world. And yet, they get to retreat to their own personal space when they're tired. What could be better? 

A Real Bargain

Now you may be thinking twenty-eight million bucks is a lot of money. But you have to remember this condo is over nine thousand feet. What will twenty-eight mil buy you anywhere else? In New York City? Maybe a few closets and perhaps even three or four bedrooms. But it won't be nine thousand feet on top of a hotel in the middle of an actual Canadian city. This a stupendously great move on the part of the buyer. Kudos, dude. You have our boundless admiration.