Folding bikes are the latest trend taking the cyclist’s world by storm, and we’re about to see why. But first, let’s look at five unique ones that most people consider the best, not to mention the most expensive but also most well worth it in the end. They are listed, as follows, in no particularly special order of importance:

  • IoT Brompton
  • Hummingbird
  • Ultra X by Allen Sports
  • Helix
  • Dahon Clinch

IoT Brompton

Brompton’s a top bike folding manufacturer and supplier. Let’s start there. Its bikes are some of the best on the market, and that’s an understatement. Just pick one up today and see where it can take you in a matter of seconds — you’ll be glad you put your money where your mouth’s at with this one. It comes with its own alarm system, enabled by motion sensors: Clearly, this bike is serious about not letting itself fall into the wrong hands!


"The Hummingbird Bike Company announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for the Hummingbird in 2015. This has become the lightest folding bike in the world. The bike will be available in some variations with 16-inch wheels or 20-inch wheels, single-speed or 5-speed, four colors including yellow, red, black and raw carbon fiber. The simplest version weighs just over 14 lbs. - Bike Folded

Ultra X by Allen Sports

The Ultra X is still relatively new. It came out in 2015. It typically sells for around $5,000 and can offer you the ride of your life wherever you want to go, folding up quickly when you’re ready to store it. It only weights 18 lbs. and rides well across numerous forms of terrain. Plus, its body is entirely composed of carbon fiber.


A unique Kickstarter campaign got this bike up and running, and it’s only become an ever-rising success item since then. Many still remember how its very first campaign raised more than $2 million in less than a year. Plus, the wheels measure 24 inches all around, and the full bike weights only 20 lbs., another lightweight classic you can take full advantage of anywhere.

Dahon Clinch

Take this one with you to the beach, the mall, the movies, school, work, or just about anywhere else. So what are you waiting for? Fold it up, or unfold it, and take it for your spin, you showoff! The interesting part about this one is that replaces folding time speed with quality material and duration as it may take a few seconds longer to fold or unfold. Yet, the wait is worth it as the bike’s frame is significantly stronger than that of others.

To Conclude

Thus, we have folding bikes, the next "latest and greatest" innovation in the world of cycling. And when it comes to quality, you always want to pay more to get the best, so invest and watch it all pay off. Start with these five fold-up brand names.