Model airplanes are for nerds, but quadcopters are for cool dudes

People have been flying model airplanes at the park for decades. The tiny electric or gas-powered aircraft have generally been a hobby for children or more nerdy adults who like to build things that fly. Model airplane flying, like kite flying, is a harmless occupation as long as one follows safety rules.

Modern technology has made flying pint-sized, remote-controlled aircraft cool. Quadcopters especially, because they are nimble vehicles with four rotor blades, are highly maneuverable and can fly rings around those old-fashioned model airplanes. Quadcopters just look more impressive when they flit about, hovering one moment, soaring the next. They are great for having races with your buddies or just showing off at the park or other area where such aircraft are allowed.

What is the most expensive quadcopter?

Actually, the most expensive quadcopter is really an octocopter because it has eight rotor blades. This aircraft is the Freefly ALTA 8, a professional-sized vehicle that is designed for aerial cinematography. The B & H Photo Video site describes it thus:

The ALTA 8 from Freefly is an octo-rotor configuration UAS for aerial cinematography. Designed to work in conjunction with a MoVI gimbal (available separately), the ALTA 8 will support payloads up to 20 pounds, making it ideal for today's lightweight cinema cameras. The ALTA 8 allows the gimbal to be mounted above, as well as below, the aircraft, enabling ‘sky view’ shots.”

This aircraft can be yours for just north of $18,0000.

What makes the ALTA 8 so valuable?

Clearly, you’re not going to buy such an expensive aircraft to show off and have races with. Bigger may often be better, but another principle exists, which states that the clever man finds a way to get paid for his hobbies. Taking a quadcopter to fly on the weekends may be satisfying, but getting paid to do so during the week is even more so.

According to Air Drone Craze, you can make money with your expensive ALTA 8 the following ways:

  • Journalism, filming, and aerial photography
  • Shipping and delivery
  • Disaster management
  • Search, rescue, and healthcare
  • Geographic mapping
  • Structural safety inspection
  • Precision agriculture
  • Wildlife management
  • Law enforcement
  • Monitoring construction sites
  • Storm tracking

A lot of companies will hire an independent contractor to do their drone work. That is where you come in. With a little training and a little investment, you can have the joy of flying a remote-controlled aircraft and at the same time have the even greater joy of being paid to do so.

While your buddies work at humdrum, cubicle jobs, trapped in an office building, consigned to wear office attire, you can work outdoors, wear pretty much what you like, and provide a valuable service for companies and people. An old saying exists that it’s not really work if you love what you’re doing. Your friends will be impressed. If you make a lot of money, women will be even more impressed, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Do you have a pricey quadcopter? Tell us all about it on Twitter or drop us a line. Until next time - Monocle Life!