Whoa. Say What? Softball...

When we first heard about this assignment, we were stumped. Softball? The sport of beer leagues and middle-aged suburbia? Well, you may be as surprised as we were to learn that this is a sport with diehard fans and rock star players.

Did you know that there are people in this world, many people, who will pay $300 for a softball bat?
Yep, you read that right. $300Whoa. Who knew? Not us. Anyway, softball is actually pretty cool, and this equipment is worth the cash for anyone looking to become a part-time gladiator and office league superstar.

Stuff You Need to Make a Good Great Softball Bat

Softball is actually a legit sport that is played by real athletes on real fields with real equipment. We are not trying to diminish your weekly excuse to drink beer that is the intraoffice softball league, wait sorry, we kinda are. Anyway, here's what goes into making a top-notch softball bat:

  1. Divergence Composite Technology
  2. The More Patriotic the Decals, Logos, and Designs, the BETTER!
  3. Alloy Handles
  4. Extended Sweet Spot in the Barrel

So basically, make the most kick-ass bat that you can and through some red, white, and blue on that thing! These bats are made to perform at a higher level than you may be used to, and if you up your softball kit to include a Demarini you will blow the competition away. Literally. 

Let's Rethink This Whole Softball Thing, Shall We?

There are many positive aspects of playing softball. First of all, you get to be outside. And you get to spend time with your friends. Outside. There is nothing better than enjoying a few beers out in the fresh air, running around a park, and reliving the glory days, now is there? Throw some old school tunes on the Bose speaker, we're thinking Steely Dan is a great fit, and get hitting. In addition to being out of doors and amongst friends, softball allows us to get some exercise that doesn't include running on a hamster wheel/treadmill watching soul-sucking reality TV.

$300 for a softball bat. Welcome to the world of performance software equipment.

Check out the Demarini if you are looking to make a lasting impression at your next softball game, and don't forget to let everyone know that you've got the best of the best when it comes to primo softball equipment. What's the point of buying expensive things if the people around you don't know that they're expensive? We kid! This bat is worth the money for anyone interested in looking to get the most out of their office softball league or wants to up their game and participate in league play of a higher caliber.

Trust us, softball is trending toward becoming the next big thing since kickball. You'll be ahead of the curve when you show up to play!