Let’s face it, just about every time you go fishing could the ‘the one!’ You know, the ever-elusive catch that’s going to completely blow away the competition, have people talking for years, and turn you into a legend.

What’s the secret to a successful catch?

Isn’t that what we’re all trying to figure out? Maybe you’ve been focused on the rod or the bait or the time of day or even location. Meh. Does any of that make a difference? Maybe.

Want to know what will make a ‘reel’ difference? That’s right … the reel.

How will the most expensive reels in the world help you?

I’m glad you asked. Look at this way: when you were dating (maybe you’re still dating, or in between dates at the moment, or trying to figure out how to whittle the number of dates you have down to just one or two prime choices … lucky you), what’s the first thing you do?

Think about it.

Riiiiight … you dress to impress! (Hopefully) you take some time sifting through your wardrobe, put on your best threads, fine shoes, take some time to fix your ‘do’ just right, and select the perfect complement of watch or other jewelry.

When you meet your date for the first time, what do you notice? The bling. Fish aren’t any different. They LOVE snagging onto a line with sparkling bait and a reel that is worth their time.

What are the most expensive reels worth your time (and money)?

If you were a fish, do you really want to get snagged on a hook for something basic? No, didn’t think so.

Some of the most expensive reels in the world are:

  1. The Holy Grail
  2. Seigler Reels BF (Big Fly) Lever Drag Fly Reels
  3. Daiwa Exist Magsealed Spinning Reels
  4. ZeeBaas ZX
  5. Shimano Antares Baitcasting Reels
"In fairness, I also contend that yes indeed, casters that reach a certain skill level can definitely feel the difference between a low-end rod and a high-end rod, just like an experienced guitarist can hear the tones and feel the actions that make a Martin or Taylor something special." Field and Stream

If you’ve got a few extra grand lying around (like $58,000), The Holy Grail would be a great addition to your gear. Can you imagine any fish bothering to ignore your line anymore? Yeah, it’s that good. Of course, there’s a catch (pardon the pun) … this ‘Holy Grail’ reel was a one-of-a-kind creation by collector Graham Turner and little is known about it other than the fact it sold at auction for this price.

Seigler Reels BF (Big Fly) Lever Drag Fly Reels will hook you for about $1,500. Daiwa Exist Magsealed spinning reels will slip anywhere between $500 to $800 from your wallet (or purse … or checking account). Heck, when you’re talking this kind of money, you might just have to refinance your home; but isn’t it worth it?

ZeeBaas ZX will run you close to a grand ($1,000). Forget the boat you planned on picking up … you can fish from the shore! Finally, the Shimano Antares Baitcasting reel will tag you for about $600 or so.

Want to have more fun and impress your fishing buddies? Expensive reels are the way to go!