Ah the open road! Who doesn't love a road trip? The allure of the Grand Canyon, the possibility of seeing vast swathes of untouched forest, the glorious of the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean? Who hasn't dreamed of spending lots of time making sure to be on the lookout for a potentially poisonous cottonmouth snake that could kill you with one bite? So maybe your dreams are more like leaving work and exploring North America a few days at a time. Then it's time for the good old fashioned motorhome. Nothing says happiness and joy like taking a kitchen sink on vacation with you. If you've looked into motorhomes lately, you may have noticed one thing: they're expensive. Really expensive. Now you may think it's just a large truck and trucks aren't really that costly. 

But there are good reasons why a motorhome is so expensive.

This is because:

  1. They include lots of stuff inside 
  2. They need to meet safety standards 
  3. Buyers often have custom wants 

You Need Things

When you're on the road and heading out for hours at a time, you've got needs. You need to pay careful attention to the rules of the road. You need to prevent your kids from attempting to kill each other in the backseat. You also need to eat, wash your face now and then and even head the bathroom. Think about that. You may even need to have the motorhome serve as your actual bed when you're nowhere near a hotel. Those who make motorhomes  know this well. They know that clients expect things from their motorhomes such as say a toilet that won't overflow and brakes that aren't going to fail just as you're heading up the Rockies. 

Safety Is Important

This brings up the next point. A motorhome needs to be safe. When you're driving something that weighs as much as several elephants, you can't take chances. You need a motorhome that meets every last standard out there. You want a motorhome that will protect your grandmother's life and your French poodle. The government wants that too. This is why all motorhomes must meet certain safety standards from the second you get one. Motorhome makers don't want to be sued anymore than you do. So they must take great care when bringing that motorhome off the assembly line and into the showroom. You'll pay big bucks for safety but you'll really appreciate it when you hop into your motorhome bunk and don't crash through the window. 

Customizing It

Many buyers are perfectly happy with many of the things they buy. Oh sure you may want a little extra cheese on the pepperoni pizza but you'll happily eat the pizza anyway if you don't get it. Not so the motorhome. Many buyers want a motorhome that has been fully customized to their exact tastes. They want bucket seats. They know they need to have a bed that folds away just right and a kitchen where they can make the perfect fried chicken even in the middle of a snowstorm. Motorhome makers know this too. They may tell people that a basic model is fine but you just know the buyer isn't going to be totally happy with it. Buyers hear the options and they know they have to have them. A really great motorhome with all the trimmings is not going to be cheap.