When you're tootling around town you want to do so in style. You want to look cool. Whether you're just out for a stroll around the block or you're with friends hitting the local park, you want a supreme set of wheels. If you don't have a driver's license yet or you're into preserving the environment, you can't go wrong with a scooter. Scooters are perfect for days when you just need a little extra oomph. Two wheels and you're on your way. If you have someone who needs an extra special birthday present or you're wanting some nice wheels of your own, you want a pro scooter. The most expensive pro scooter delivers all that and more. 

The Kota Icon Complete Pro Scooter is the scooter to make all other scooters drool with envy.
  • It's rugged and sturdy 
  • It's lightweight 
  • It's incredibly easy to handle 

The Kota Icon Complete Pro Scooter

Stylish scootering requires a stylish scooter. The makers of the Kota understand this. They know that you want to look like a pro no matter where you are or what surface you're using to roll along. This is why they created the Kota Icon. The Kota Icon will quickly become your best friend. This is the scooter you buy when you're serious about your choice in scooter. It's also the scooter you buy when you want to surprise and delight someone you love very much. 

Stands Up To Heavy Use

When you get on that scooter you don't want to take baby steps. You want a full ride. You want the wind beneath your wings and in your hair. You also want to be able to use that scooter wherever you please. The Kota is made for business. The Kota has wheels that are thick enough to stand up to many yards of riding but move easily. The Kota also has a very study aluminum frame that means you can do all the tricks you want and not worry your scooter is going to fall out from under your and make you look stupid in front of your friends. 

Highly Portable

Another advantage of this scooter is just how lightweight it is. Unlike some heavier models, this one won't weigh you down. At a mere 109 ounces it's made for travel. So bring it anywhere you like. You can head down the hill or stuff it in the back of your trunk. No need to worry that it's hard to carry. You can pop it under layers of clothing or in the back seat and still get a dozen things in the truck along the way. The scooter folds up in a second. It's so highly compact most adults can hold a baby, a pile of groceries and still have extra room. 

An Easy Ride

When you're looking for adventure, you want to get on the road. You want a scooter that is easy to ride. This is the Kota. Experts have designed the frame to be easy to use even if you've never used a scooter in your life. Get on this one and the world is yours. You have all you need to be free as a bird.